Privacy-focused email reminders

Snipbot is an embeddable reminder-me-later notification service for your website visitors.

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Privacy-focused email reminders

Building a more inclusive and consensual web

If you are looking for an app that will do anything to make your numbers go up...

...we aren't the app for you.

The problem — why they don't convert

Why do you have so much traffic and engagement but so few interactions with the right people?

Now is not a good time.

We come to your website on our phones in the few spare moments of our day. Maybe we're getting off the bus, or we got a message from a friend. It's just not a good time to stick around.

My email address has been abused.

We don't trust that you won't spam us. It's happened too many times before. Trust must be earned. If you haven't proven yourself yet, now is your chance.

If an interruption brought us here, the next interruption will take us somewhere else.

Let's face it, if your advertising disrupted my time on social media to bring me to your website and I choose to leave, your competitors will do the same to me tomorrow.

Who is it for?

Snipbot is for the marketer who cares about marketing.

The marketer who sees themselves as a professional , as someone who is worth more than their ability to run Facebook ads, understand SEO, and create reports. It's for the marketer who only makes promises they can keep.

Snipbot is for the development team who wants to enable Marketing to self-service their campaigns without disrupting product development. They care about performance and are protective of spending development time (re)writing marketing features (again).

The right price for your team, big and small

Snipbot handles all the hard parts of running a thoughtful and privacy-compliant marketing campaign.



Get started with a single user account targeting your most valuable conversion funnels.

  • 3 active campaigns

  • Conversion tracking

  • Up to 10,000 monthly email reminders

  • Branded reminder forms



Designed for high-performance teams with multiple users and conversion funnels.

  • ...all starter features, plus

  • Multiple user access

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Campaign scheduling

  • Do-it-for-you account setup

  • Do-it-for-you initial campaign setup

  • Send emails from your own domain

  • Load snipbot from your own domain


Access multiple clients using the same login, access roles for your account teams, unlimited campaigns, CPA or affiliate billing models on a per-account basis, GTM setup for each client.

Minimum $1000 monthly spend

Get notified when we’re launching.

We are currently interviewing, selecting, and onboarding our Founding Customers. You can join the waitlist below and drop us an extra note if you wish to apply for a spot.