What is...What is this email?

You might be wondering "who is Snipbot?" or "why did I receive an email from Snipbot?". Well, here is everything you need to know.


Why did I receive an email from Snipbot?

Because you previously set up a reminder using one of our remind me later widgets. Snipbot is an embedded app on many websites. Generally, a website's product team will use Snipbot to enable their users to create notifications rather than building this functionality themselves.

Okay, I understand but why did YOU send me the email?

It might sound silly, but sending email is hard. Not hard in the technical sense, but hard to get right every time. Snipbot has a single focus on making it as simple as possible to set up email notifications and get those notifications delivered to every person on every device.

But I received a text message reminder

Oh yes! We don't just send emails! We also allow for our customers to enable their website visitors to send text message (SMS) reminders to themselves.

Will I receive more notifications?

Only if you have set them up. Snipbot is designed with a philosophy of improving consent on the web. We believe that website visitors should be empowered to take control of the notifications they receive. If you ask for an email reminder about a product, we'll send you exactly one email.

If you believe the notifications you are receiving from Snipbot were not created with your consent, please send us an email (using the same email you received the notification on - if it was an email notification) and we'll trace down any misconduct.